For a Better and Easier Home

Fastest way to do your laundry.
Everything in life can be annoying in this fast-paced generation, particularly when it comes to home cleaning.

After the Nth time we messed up with the washing powder on the floor, we started looking for a product that would make laundry easier. However, we disappointedly found that most products do not meet our requirements or sometimes overrated.

This is the time we decided to launch our brand that satisfies convenience, safety and efficacy all at once.

In 2021, ITSC was born.

We Promise



We’re working to define and lead product transparency and ethical marketing. We raise the bar to help people find and understand the best suit cleaning products in life.


We redefine the standards of cleaning products in life. We keep track of every manufacturing step to ensure the highest product quality for you. No over-market our products, while make them worth every penny.


In order to provide a worry-free experience, we prioritize the sustainability in our products and manufacturing processes.

Why we Love ITSC

How It Began

As most parents do, our founders are busy with their job while struggling to balance family and work. Every day after work, they have to spend much time on house chores and their kids soon fall asleep when they finish. Creating fast and convenient products such as laundry capsules and color catcher sheets become essential to let them spend more time with their family.